Sno-Way International Snow Plows
Sno-Way International Snow Plows

26SKD Series

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26SKD Series Snow Plow

Available in sizes from 6' 8" to 7' 6"– Sno-Way® 26SKD Straight Series Snow Plows provide efficient snow rolling and world-class durability. Simple, fast and reliable, SKD Straight Plows are built for either personal use or commercial snow plowing applications. If you are a snowplowing contractor the 26SKD is a piece of snow removal equipment you don't want to be without.

26SKD Series Snow Plow Features

Specially designed trip springs provide FULL LOAD trip action for uninterrupted snow plowing

Angle cylinder crossover relief valves protect the blade when an object is struck (standard)

Center A-frame float linkage to allow for contour changes

Plow uses existing auxiliary skid steer hydraulics & quick coupler hose connections (not included)

Tight blade curl geometry provides optimum snow rolling action

Patented Ground Hugger™ Blade Design

  • Keeps Plow on the Ground

Triple-Coat Protection

  • Zinc Phosphate Wash
  • Automotive E-Coat Primer
  • Military Grade Powder Coat Finish

Pre-Drilled Top Rail Holes for E-Z Fit™ Snow Deflector

Stitch welded 12 gauge blade for superior rigidity and strength

Integrated Shoe Receiver (Plow Shoes Optional)

Sno-Way SKD blades work with universal skid steer plate or tractor loader attachment plates

26SKD Series Snow Plow Options

Down Pressure® is

Snow Plow Downpressure in Action

Sno-Way's patented Down Pressure® snow plow hydraulics is by far the ultimate plow upgrade and only Sno-Way has it. Sno-Way's Down Pressure® snow plow hydraulics allows you to scrape or backdrag more snow in less time resulting in 30% more efficiency.

Wireless Pro Control™ II is

Snow Plow Wireless Remote

Unlike the competition, Sno-Way's patented wireless Pro Control™ II plow control offers the ultimate in-cab flexibility. The Sno-Way wireless control can be mounted virtually anywhere in the cab and is simple to operate with either hand.

E-Z Switch™ Wings are N/A

Not Available

EZ Switch Wing System

Sno-Way offers the E-Z Switch 3" Box Wing and 9" Scoop Wings sold in sets of two. These are not permanent additions so you can easily switch out the proper wing for the proper job in less than 10 seconds. It is the fastest and most convenient system in the industry.

26SKD Snow Plow Accessories

Snow Plow Emergency Parts Kit

Snow Plow Emergency Parts Kit

Sno-Way's emergency parts kits keep your rig stocked with the most common field service parts in the event of an untimely part replacement or plow repair. All parts are packaged in a durable plastic case (13.5" x 11" x 3.25")

High-Performance Snow Plow Hydraulic Oil (Quart Only)

High-Performance Snow Plow Hydraulic Oil (Quart Only)

Sno-Way's high-performance, zinc-free hydraulic oil provides superior corrosion resistance and maintains a pour point of -60F. Sno-Way hydraulic oil will not foam or gel in extreme cold weather conditions. Recommended for all Sno-Way truck-mounted snow plows.

High Performance Touch-Up Spray Paint

High Performance Touch-Up Spray Paint

Sno-Way touch-up paint is custom matched to help conceal chips and scrapes and to protect your original Sno-Way equipment from corrosion. All colors are available in 12-oz. aerosol cans.

Anti-Corrosion Compound

Anti-Corrosion Compound

Sno-Way's non-conductive compound effectively seals against dirt and moisture and provides maximum protection to electrical switches and contacts. Sno-Way recommends liberal compound application to all exposed electrical components for extended wear life.

Steel Curb Guard

Steel Curb Guard

Sno-Way's steel curb guards are 1/2"-thick and measure 15.5" x 6" in size. Each guard features multiple hole patterns to match different Sno-Way cutting edge bolt hole locations. Both guards quickly and easily install in front of the plow cutting edge and ship with complete mount hardware.

E-Z Fit Straight Blades Poly Snow Deflector

E-Z Fit Straight Blades Poly Snow Deflector

Sno-Way's E-Z Fit snow deflector design includes enhanced curvature for optimum snow-rolling and deflection. The 3-piece design is constructed of High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (HMPE), a super-slick material with excellent impact resistance in cold temperatures. Sno-Way's unique, molded reinforcement rib design provides superb rigidity and allows each deflector to overlap one another. The deflector will install on all Sno-Way straight blade widths from 6-feet to 10-feet. Each deflector includes stainless steel mount hardware.

Plow Shoes

Plow Shoes

These optional cast-iron disc shoes help extend the wear life of the plow cutting edge. Each shoe includes a spacer and washers for simple adjustment. The shoes are easily secured to (and removed from) the plow with locking lynch pins.

Sno-Way E-Z Switch Wing System

Sno-Way E-Z Switch Wing System

Sno-Way offers the E-Z Switch 3” Box Wing and 9” Scoop Wings sold in sets of two. The E-Z switch wing accessories attach to your 29HD, 32C, 29HDSKD, 32CSKD in seconds using two lock pins for added snow moving capabilities. These are not permanent additions so you can easily switch out the proper wing for the proper job in less than 10 seconds. It is the fastest and most convenient system in the industry.

E-Z Fit Skin Insert Kit

E-Z Fit Skin Insert Kit

Sno-Way offers a poly skin insert kit for use on the Revolution HD, 29HD, 29R and 26 Series plows. You no longer need to have a special blade to have the benefit of a poly blade. You can place the E-Z Fit Skin Insert on your current blade and you have a new poly blade, ready for the snow to slide off. The kit consists of retainer brackets, poly skin with decal and all necessary hardware.


1/2" Steel Cutting Edge (29R, 29HD and 26 Series)

Sno-Way offers a 1/2" thick heavy duty steel cutting edge for use on the 29R and 29HD or 26 snow plows. The 1/2" design provides increased cutting edge durability and longer wear life than the standard 3/8" steel edge.

Plow Blade Guides

Plow Blade Guides

Bright colors for high visibility in inclement weather, Sno-Way's flexible blade guides help identify the plowing width of your blade while plowing. Constructed with a braided cable core, these durable guides will flex under the most demanding plowing conditions. Each guide measures ½" diameter X 26" long and includes 5/16"-18" X 1" hex head cap screws, washers and nylon insert lock nuts.

26SKD Plow Configurations

26SKD Snow Plow Specifications

Model 26SKD-6'-8"26SKD-7'-6"
Blade Width 80"90"
Blade Height 26"26
Weight Steel 540lbs.605lbs.
Shock Killer StandardStandard
Hydraulic Hoses 22
A-Frame Float Linkage StandardStandard
Plow Shoes Optional (2)Optional (2)
Control Activation Single Switch
Attachment Plate UniversalUniversal
Complete plow weight (pounds) includes weight of attachment plate.

*Sno-Way reserves the right to change product
design, construction, materials and specifications
without notice under its ongoing product
improvement programs.

See your authorized Sno-Way Retailer
for complete warranty details.

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